Gracious 2

Gracious & Ruthless

“As the founder of an international triple bottom line company that grew very quickly and went through all the typical small business challenges, every word in this book resonated with me. Susan’s experience is so eloquently shared. This book should be mandatory reading for any business class.”  Fredrick Schilling, Founder, Dagoda Organic Chocolate.

After passing the management of the Sokol Blosser Winery to a second generation, Susan Sokol Blosser looked back and realized, with some surprise, that combining two apparently opposing ways of being — gracious and ruthless — had been the key to the survival and success of the business.

While being ruthless allows you to face tough decisions squarely and dispassionately and move your business forward, being gracious means you can carry out those decisions with consideration for others. Combine the two and you will be both powerful and classy. Full of hard earned wisdom and practical advise that can be easily put into practice, Gracious & Ruthless shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how they can lead with heart and a hard hat.